The 3.9-mile streetcar route will connect major activity centers: The University of Arizona, Arizona Health Sciences Center, University Main Gate Business District, 4th Avenue Business District, Congress Street Shopping and Entertainment District, and the Mercado District.

New Development and Redevelopment

The Sun Link project has already triggered transit oriented development - new retail, office and residential development and redevelopment along the streetcar corridor. To date, more than $800 million has been invested by the private sector. Fifty new restaurants, bars and cafes, some 1500 new student housing apartments plus 58 new retail businesses have popped up along the route over the past two years, and there are mixed-use housing developments in the works. Additionally, there has been significant corporate business expansion within the Sun Link route: a new headquarters for UniSource Energy, with +400 plus employees, and Providence Service Corporation, both publicly traded companies.

CVS at Main Gate Square

Creating Jobs

  • Jobs related to project design and construction
    The City of Tucson estimates that 1,200 new jobs were created as a direct result of Sun Link construction and that an additional 1,650 related jobs in over 19 industries will be created as a result of construction activities.
  • Long-term jobs created
    Research projects an estimated 1,500 long-term regional jobs created as a result of the streetcar.
  • Made in America
    Tucson's modern streetcar vehicles will be part of the first order of vehicles manufactured in the United States in nearly 60 years.

Tucson 101 Leaving OIW

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