Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the Sun Link route?

The Sun Link Streetcar runs along a 3.9-mile route that connects five major districts: The University of Arizona, Main Gate Square, 4th Avenue, Downtown and the westside Mercado District. More than 100,000 people live and work within a half-mile of the streetcar route.

Click here for a printable version of the route map

What are Sun Link’s operating hours?

How long does it take to ride the entire route?

It takes approximately 3o minutes to go from one end of the route to the other.

For live streetcar tracking from your computer:

Where can I purchase a ticket to ride Sun Link?

You can purchase tickets at vending machines located at every Sun Link streetcar stop. (Ticket vending machines only accept exact change and Mastercard or VISA.)

You can also purchase passes online, at ticket vending machines located at Tucson’s three Transit CentersSunGO sales outlets and through the GoTucson mobile app. 

*Please note: When adding a pass or value to an existing SunGO Card or SunGO ID & Card online, it may take up to 48 hours before it's available for use on the streetcar or bus and they will not be activated until you tap your card on the validators in the streetcars or buses. 


How much does it cost to ride the streetcar?

There are many different fare options available to ride the streetcar:

  1. 1-Day SunGO Ticket. Once activated, good for 24 hours on Sun Tran and Sun Link: $4 at Sun Link stop ticket vending machines
  2. If paying with value loaded on a SunGO Card or SunGO ID & Card (economy), the cost is:
    • One-way full fare: $1.50
    • One-way economy fare: $.50

Children 5 years old and younger ride for free with a paying adult.

You CANNOT purchase or pay a cash fare once on board Sun Link. The Sun Link operator does not accept fares.

For fare info:

Where can I purchase SunGO products or add value?

Click to view SunGO fare options to find the best fit for you and how you ride.

What happens when I board Sun Link?

You must have ONE of the following to board a streetcar:

  • SunGO Card – loaded with a valid pass or cash value
  • SunGO ID & Card – loaded with a valid pass or cash value
  • 1-Day SunGO Ticket- loaded with a valid pass
  • 30-Day SunGO Ticket- loaded with a valid pass
  • SunGO Transfer Ticket- loaded with a valid transfer
  • Children 5 years old and younger ride for free with a paying adult

Have your SunGO Ticket, SunGO Card, SunGO ID & Card, or SunGO Transfer ready when you board Sun Link. Remember to tap and hold your card or ticket on the validator each time you board - there are 4 machines onboard to select from.

Can children under a certain age ride for free?

Yes, children 5 and under ride for free with a paying Sun Link customer.

Can I purchase tickets or passes online for future trips?

Yes, you can purchase all of your SunGO products, online, in advance.

*Please note: When adding a pass or value to an existing SunGO Card or SunGO ID & Card online, it may take up to 48 hours before it's available for use on the streetcar or bus and they will not be activated until you tap your card on the validators in the streetcars or buses.  

Is there a mobile app to purchase SunGO products?

Yes, GoTucson is available for free download and allows users to purchase SunGO products to pay for transit, as well as pay on-street parking fees. Download GoTucson here

Click here for more information and to download other third party transit apps. 

Can I buy a "one way"streetcar ticket?

To purchase a "one way" fare, load cash value to your SunGO Card or SunGO ID & Card, either online, at a Sun Tran Transit Center or a SunGO sales outlet such as Fry’s. A "one way" fare can also be purchased through the GoTucson mobile app, click here to download. 

Streetcar stop vending machines do not offer a one way ticket or pass.

Can I pay for a fare with cash onboard a streetcar?

No, you cannot pay for your fare onboard a streetcar. There are no fareboxes, and cash is not accepted once onboard. Please have a valid SunGO product (card or ticket with cash value) ready before boarding Sun Link.

Do the streetcar stop ticket vending machines give change?

No, you must use exact change in vending machines.

Can I use my SunGO card to pay for multiple riders?

No, each person who boards Sun Link must have their own valid fare card.

Can I take my dog on board?

Only service animals with their handlers are welcome on the streetcar. Service or guide animals, as defined by law, are animals that have been specially trained to assist persons with disabilities.

Pets other than service animals must be completely enclosed in carriers. Please keep your animal under control so it does not pose a threat to other passengers. Click: for all rider rules.

Is the streetcar ADA accessible?

Yes. The streetcar is fully ADA accessible and features low-floor boarding and specially designated wheelchair areas. If you have a disability that prevents you from stepping up to board the streetcar, look for the yellow pavement markings at each stop. Those marks indicate the location of the ADA entrance for the streetcar.

When the streetcar stops, push the blue ADA accessibility button by the door. It triggers a ramp and doors will open automatically. When you want to exit at a stop, you have two options to trigger the ramp: Press the round blue ADA accessibility button, or press the blue accessibility bar.

What parking options are available along the route, and how much does parking cost?

There are 11,000+ parking spaces available along the Sun Link corridor – garages, surface lots, and on street metered parking. For detailed information regarding parking locations and prices, please visit: for city garages and for parking at the University of Arizona. 

Is there a streetcar Park & Ride option?

The streetcar route does not have a Park & Ride lot. To learn more about the numerous parking options along the route visit:

Are there parking discounts for special events?

Park Tucson may offer discount packages during special events. Go to: for more information.

How do I transfer between Sun Link, Sun Tran and Sun Shuttle?

When you board and tap your SunGO Card or SunGO ID & Card on a streetcar validator or bus farebox, a transfer is automatically loaded. Transfers are valid for up to two hours or two trips, and are free between Sun Link, Sun Tran Routes 1-99 and select Sun Shuttle routes. If transferring to a Sun Express route, a surcharge is required.

Are there plans to expand the Sun Link route?

The Pima Association of Governments (PAG) identifies several routes for future streetcar expansion in their High Capacity Transit Study. Plans to expand the route are at a concept stage. Expansion of the streetcar system will also depend on the availability of capital funding. For more information on PAG’s High Capacity Transit Study, please visit:

What does it cost to run Sun Link?

Operating costs for the Sun Link system are projected to be approximately $4.2 million for fiscal year 2015. The revenue sources Sun Link for fiscal year 2015 are:
Fares - $1,196,390
RTA - $2,000,000
City of Tucson General Fund - $905,170
Advertising - $100,000

Is there Sun Link memorabilia for purchase?

No, there is no Sun Link memorabilia for sale at this time.